Pinckney Street Solar System Stroll

While you are out exercising, why not visit our Scale model of the Solar System?

Based on “The Earth as a Peppercorn” by Guy Ottewell, the walking model was produced by the McClellanville Arts Council and friends in 2017 to commemorate the solar eclipse.

This model illustrates the incredible size of our solar system:

  • 1” = 100,000 miles or 161,000 kilometers
  • 1’ = 1.2 million miles or 1.9 million kilometers
  • 1 yard or 1 adult footstep = 3.6 million miles

You can start at the “Sun”, the chrome sphere at the foot of Pinckney Street, visit several planets along the playground fence, and then find Jupiter at the DuPre house.  From there, the planets are spaced farther apart, and you end up with Pluto near the McClellanville Arts Center.  But be sure to read the final panel posted on our Studio – the solar system, and our solar system, goes on from there!

Learn while you exercise!