We encourage our village to keep hopes high and look forward to what the future brings! ((LOTS of awesome ART!)) Help us create beautiful things that keep us connected in the past, present and future!! Light & Love, The MAC

Rising: A Collaborative Community Exhibit

Join a collaborative community exhibit RIGHT NOW, while quarantined, from your kitchen table (or wherever you create.)
Easy peasy.

1. Keep it positive & G rated. There are kids involved in this project.
2. Individual religious imagery/wording is ok as long as it promotes respect, positivity, unity & freedom for all. Recognize human value & equality in your work.
3. Business and political advertising is prohibited.
4. Make as many pieces as you want; please give each one time & attention. Maybe 1 for each day of quarantine.

Ready to be involved?
Step 1. Wash your hands!
Step 2. Cut a piece of printer paper or construction paper in half, vertically. This creates a 3x10ish paper rectangular strip.
Step 3. Write messages, prayers, names of loved ones (including pets!), wishes, etc on the paper strip. Keep it positive! Write with pen, pencil, marker, crayon, whatever.
Step 4. Color every bit of the strip– both sides. Make sure the edges are colored! The strip should be colored any pattern/color that promotes positivity, unity & individuality.
Step 5. If you have modge podge or Elmer’s glue, cover one side of the strip completely & allow to dry thoroughly. Repeat on other side. If you don’t have a way to seal the drawing, it’s ok. We can do it later.
Step 6. Put the colored slip somewhere very safe. To be used POST Quarantine.
Step. 7. One day in the future, we will bring all the disinfected strips together & create a beautiful piece of art for an exhibit about the human spirit enduring and rising, which the MAC will host.

What will it be?
Amazing. Gorgeous. Powerful. Each strip a feather on enormous wings.
No matter how hard things get, we’re going to come through. That’s what humanity does.
Join the exhibit today! Everyone is an artist!