McClellanville Quilts and their Stories

We are grateful of the many hands that helped make this exhibition possible, and we are so proud to bring it to you in the comfort of your home. Now grab your favorite quilt and cozy up with our virtual tour of McClellanville Quilts and their Stories!


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Thank you to all of our NEW 2020 members and donors! We are forever grateful to our wonderful community of supporters.

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About Us

The McClellanville Arts Council was organized in 1977 by three young women who wanted to bring the fine arts, arts instruction, and cultural activities to the sleepy little fishing village where they had chosen to live.

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Visit our About page for more information about who we are and what we do. As a non-profit organization we rely on your donations to help fund the arts; visit our Membership page to join us. We offer Classes and Workshops and have a complete Calendar of Events. Please see our Facebook page for real time updates on all of our classes and events as it is updated daily. We also promote the work of all local Artists and Writers. Please be sure to Subscribe to receive email notifications of our news and events. Visit our Contact page to drop us a note or ask a question. 

Life on the Water

Our Water/Ways film project for the Smithsonian Institution is here! We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Museum on Mainstreet, our local fishermen, the students at CREECS along with Dean Byrd who worked on this short introductory film all school year and throughout quarantine. The kids zoomed regularly until the final project was finished!

We are honored to bring the stories of the local voices from our “waterways” to land, in McClellanville and beyond. We’ll be going into more depth with individual stories in a new miniseries that’s just along the horizon! THANK YOU, TO ALL WHO WERE INVOLVED.



Call for Playwrights

Call for Playwrights

Call For Submissions:
In conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution’s Water/Ways traveling exhibit, MAC is accepting submissions of unpublished one-act plays. Two selected submissions will each receive a $100 cash prize and the possibility of performance at the inaugural June Bloom MAC weekend arts festival in June of 2021.
Plays must be suitable for a family audience & connected (loosely is acceptable) to our local Water/Ways exhibit. Submissions are open to all ages as one prize is dedicated to applicants under the age of 21.
Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2020.
Submissions are FREE to McClellanville residents.
$10 submission fee for non-resident MAC members.
$15 reading fee for non-resident, non-members.
MAC reserves the right to withhold prizes.
For submission details, please email

Village Outing!

Village Outing!

Pinckney Street Solar System Stroll

While you are out exercising, why not visit our Scale model of the Solar System?

Based on “The Earth as a Peppercorn” by Guy Ottewell, the walking model was produced by the McClellanville Arts Council and friends in 2017 to commemorate the solar eclipse.

This model illustrates the incredible size of our solar system:

  • 1” = 100,000 miles or 161,000 kilometers
  • 1’ = 1.2 million miles or 1.9 million kilometers
  • 1 yard or 1 adult footstep = 3.6 million miles

You can start at the “Sun”, the chrome sphere at the foot of Pinckney Street, visit several planets along the playground fence, and then find Jupiter at the DuPre house.  From there, the planets are spaced farther apart, and you end up with Pluto near the McClellanville Arts Center.  But be sure to read the final panel posted on our Studio – the solar system, and our solar system, goes on from there!

Learn while you exercise!




A SQUEEZE from us to you!

We made sure to put a fuzzy friend in our gallery shop window for the local bear hunt in the village. This was a simple and fun way to interact with the kids in our community, while we wait patiently to hug you in the future!

We also have a fun project for you to pass the time on your next rainy day. Help recycle with this juicy and easy craft!

Follow this link to our friend’s page, at SmashGlass Arts : JUICY CRAFT HERE



We encourage our village to keep hopes high and look forward to what the future brings! ((LOTS of awesome ART!)) Help us create beautiful things that keep us connected in the past, present and future!! Light & Love, The MAC

Rising: A Collaborative Community Exhibit

Join a collaborative community exhibit RIGHT NOW, while quarantined, from your kitchen table (or wherever you create.)
Easy peasy.

1. Keep it positive & G rated. There are kids involved in this project.
2. Individual religious imagery/wording is ok as long as it promotes respect, positivity, unity & freedom for all. Recognize human value & equality in your work.
3. Business and political advertising is prohibited.
4. Make as many pieces as you want; please give each one time & attention. Maybe 1 for each day of quarantine.

Ready to be involved?
Step 1. Wash your hands!
Step 2. Cut a piece of printer paper or construction paper in half, vertically. This creates a 3x10ish paper rectangular strip.
Step 3. Write messages, prayers, names of loved ones (including pets!), wishes, etc on the paper strip. Keep it positive! Write with pen, pencil, marker, crayon, whatever.
Step 4. Color every bit of the strip– both sides. Make sure the edges are colored! The strip should be colored any pattern/color that promotes positivity, unity & individuality.
Step 5. If you have modge podge or Elmer’s glue, cover one side of the strip completely & allow to dry thoroughly. Repeat on other side. If you don’t have a way to seal the drawing, it’s ok. We can do it later.
Step 6. Put the colored slip somewhere very safe. To be used POST Quarantine.
Step. 7. One day in the future, we will bring all the disinfected strips together & create a beautiful piece of art for an exhibit about the human spirit enduring and rising, which the MAC will host.

What will it be?
Amazing. Gorgeous. Powerful. Each strip a feather on enormous wings.
No matter how hard things get, we’re going to come through. That’s what humanity does.
Join the exhibit today! Everyone is an artist!