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About Us

The McClellanville Arts Council was organized in 1977 by three young women who wanted to bring the fine arts, arts instruction, and cultural activities to the sleepy little fishing village where they had chosen to live.

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Music with TINA & HER PONY

Music with TINA & HER PONY

We have some great friends of The Moon & You, Tina & Her Pony, also from Asheville, NC coming to visit the Gallery at the M.A.C.!

Concert will be held on Friday, March 22nd at 6:30 pm. Tickets for members are $15 and $20 for non-members. Please call us to purchase tickets at 843-887-3157.

– Rachel Cholst, NO DEPRESSION

In a soundscape rich in folk and americana offerings Tina and Her Pony (Tina Collins and Quetzal Jordan) stand out with their clarity and freshness. Their harmonies, arrangements, lyrics and captivating vocals combine to create something greater than the sum of the pieces which, taken individually are deceptively straightforward. Their talents are honed sharper on their latest release, “Champion” (2017), which chronicles complex emotional landscapes with the kind of wisdom and honesty required from roots music in its most distilled and cherished forms.

But Tina and Quetzal have been upending expectations and convention from early on. Tina’s distinctive vocals and songwriting are the product of both a conservatory education and her singular taste in female folk artists like Gillian Welch, Joni Mitchell and Kate Wolf. Quetzal, a Canadian-Guatemalan cellist and songwriter, immersed herself deeply in the classical world for a decade, eventually turning her rigorous training on its head by becoming one of the nations most uniquely stylized cellists, coaxing rhythm and other improvised sounds rarely seen on her instrument.

“Even within the world of folk, their music can’t be defined within a single culture or concept. What is undeniable, however, is the soul-stirring power in their union”. – Folk All Y’all

Identifying as queer also plays an important role in how Tina and Quetzal approach their unique blend of old time folk, newgrass, americana, and the essential musical and personal alchemy they only have together.  Quetzal describes her cello playing as the oceanic counterpoint to Tina’s earthy, time-honored musical approach. It’s an apt metaphor for the couple, who married in 2016, after playing music together since 2010. Tina counts through-hiking the Appalachian Trail as a formative musical and human experience, deepening her connection to that place and its musical traditions while Quetzal relishes places of fluidity in both art and expression and constantly inverts expectations.

Live performances weave a fascinating web of sound and intention that draws the audience in. Listening to Tina and Her Pony offers a window into an interior landscape that begs to be explored.

– Youtube – Instagram – Facebook –  Twitter –
A Whimsical World! Puppetry with Drew Allison

A Whimsical World! Puppetry with Drew Allison

Join the McClellanville Arts Council in a celebration of World Puppetry Day which falls annually on March 21.

The Arts Council will host an exhibit of the puppet creations of long-time puppeteer Drew Allison. Over 25 puppets will be exhibited from past performances, on-camera appearances and commissioned works.

The story of each puppet and their role will accompany each piece. Puppeteer Drew Allison will be on hand to chat for the exhibit’s opening on March 21, 2019 at 7:00pm at The McClellanville Arts Council. Exhibit on view through April 13th, 2019.

For additional information about Drew Allison and his company called Grey Seal Puppets, see their website at

Metalsmithing with Deb Guess

Metalsmithing with Deb Guess

Returning to the M.A.C. with Soul Whispers Arts is designer and instructor, Deb Guess. She is offering 3 classes in our studio on 3 different types of metal jewelry pieces, coming up in March! Please call the Arts Center for details and to register at 843-887-3157. Wed-Sat 11-3pm.

To see more of Deb’s work please visit her page:

Class details are as follows:

Friday, March 8th 6:00-9:00 pm- “Totally Tubular”
This cold connections class will introduce ways to use copper plumbing tubing and hobby tubing to create spinning layers. Great for beginners and or experienced students to introduce new inspiration.

Saturday, March 9th 9:00-4:00pm- “Bevy of Bracelets”
Focusing on creating 3 different styles of bracelets with demos and instructions for all 3 types. Great for beginners or intermediate students.

Sunday, March 10th 9:00-4:00pm- “Spoondangles”
Students should bring a couple of small souvenirs or teaspoons that will be transformed into unique pendants. Class is open to all levels of experience.

*All tools and supplies are included in fee unless you prefer to with sterling silver or unless specified within class description. Students should bring a work apron, notebook and pen and reading glasses if magnification is required.*