Melanie McClellan Hartnett’s first collection of poetry, “Goodbye Oyster Girls,” is grounded in her love and respect for the South Carolina low-country land and people she so fiercely protects and honors.

“Goodbye, Oyster Girls reflects the poet’s battles and loves, her hopes for a fairer South, and her observations of nature and people. Part mermaidish Ophelia…part wood nymph… Melanie McClellan-Hartnett puts her worlds¬†of imagination and reality into her wise art.”

-Aida Rogers, South Carolina Writers and the Places They Love, volumes I-III

Join us for a collective reading of, “Goodbye, Oyster Girls.” A book of poetry written by McClellanville’s very own Melanie McClellan-Hartnett, who will be joined by Olga Maria Caballero, Aida Rogers & Dr. Nan Morrison.

Copies are currently for purchase in our gift shop!

This event will be held in our gallery on Saturday, June 8th at 7pm.