Introduction to Alcohol Inks

Friday, January 25th at 1:00 pm- Alcohol Inks: Come and explore the wonderful world of Alcohol Inks! Students will be introduced to several techniques to employ with this vibrant medium providing the opportunity for creative experimentation! They will take home several non-porous pieces! Cost is $50 for non-members/$40 for members call 843-887-3157 to register.

Advanced Techniques in Encaustic Painting with Inks, Shellac and Wood Glue

Saturday, January 26th from 10am-4pm – Techniques in Encaustic Painting: An ancient art form tracing back to the Egyptians, Encaustic art is currently experiencing a popular revival in the art world. Encaustic means to “burn in.” Molten beeswax combined with damar resin is applied in layers utilizing various heat sources. Material covered will include an introduction to the Encaustic process. Techniques such as basic safety and materials will be covered. Students will experiment with a variety of inks and alternate processes using this versatile, luminous medium. Participants will take home several completed works. Materials are included in class fee, but students may bring their own preferred materials (art papers, magazines, laser copied photos) to incorporate into their work. Hot wax and heating implements will be used throughout the day, for students under 18 adult supervision is preferred. Previous experience is not required. Class fee is $120 for members, $135 non-members. Call to register, 843-887-3157.

Altered Papers and Encaustic Collage Techniques

Sunday, January 27th at 10:00 am- Altered Papers/Encaustic Collage: This is a fun 2-part workshop which will add new dimensions to your creative tool box! The morning session will introduce you to the process of creating altered papers, utilizing magazines and Citra Solv organic cleaner. In the afternoon session you will utilize those papers to create a collage using an encaustic medium and pigmented wax as a binding medium. Basic intro to Encaustics techniques will be provided. Come and enjoy a full day of creative exploration! Students will take home a completed work and additional altered papers to use in future projects. Students may bring their own preferred materials (art papers, magazines and laser copied photos) to use in their work. Hot wax and heating implements will be used, and adult supervision is suggested for students under 18. Previous experience not required. Class fee is $120 for members, $135 non-members. Call to register, 843-887-3157

**Package deal: Save $20 when you sign up for BOTH Encaustic classes!

Donna Persinger-Arts Off the Alley

Donna Persinger-Heart Roots Arts