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The McClellanville Arts Council will turn forty in 2017, and we’ll be celebrating that important milestone with even more of all the classes, workshops, and exhibits that you have come to know and love. Carrie Spahr, our new program director, is planning monthly activities for kids of all ages, including classes in drawing, painting, cooking, pottery, mosaics, and more. She’s also scheduling lots of activities for adults, including ceramics and yoga.

In August 2017, we’ll be hosting The Way We Worked, a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Museum that will also incorporate photographs, artifacts, and oral histories from our community. We’ll be calling on residents young and old to help us document the fascinating story of how the people of this area made a living from the land, the creeks, and the sea. One of Vennie Deas Moore’s photographs of McClellanville seafood workers is featured in nation-wide publicity for this show.

The Smithsonian exhibit coincides with another once-in-a-lifetime event: a total eclipse of the sun on August 21. McClellanville has been identified as one of the best spots on earth for viewing this phenomenon, and will be the last piece of American soil where the eclipse will be visible. We’ll be bringing in a meteorologist to explain what’s happening, passing out dark glasses to protect your retinas, and hosting a party in honor of the Arts Council’s fortieth birthday and our very special place on the planet.

Founded in 1977, the McClellanville Arts Council is one of the oldest community arts organizations in the state. Our gallery, shop, and studio, renovated with funds raised during our thirtieth birthday celebration, have nurtured generations of artists and helped promote their work. Member contributions have helped sustain us for the past thirty-nine years, and without generous support from businesses and individuals, we could never have made it this far.

Please consider renewing your membership at a higher level this year or making an additional gift to our birthday fund, some of which will be used to replace the aging roof on our shop and gallery. And as our fortieth year unfolds, make sure to check out our Facebook page to see lots of great old pictures from our albums!

Please help us continue the good work. Make a tax-deductible contribution to the McClellanville Arts Council, and in return, you will receive our quarterly newsletter plus discounts for classes, and ticketed events. 

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