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The Unpainted South

Carolina’s Vanishing World

Photographs by Selden B. Hill  Songs and Poems by William P. Baldwin

Abandoned farmhouses stand withered and empty among clumps of chinaberry trees in fields of broom straw throughout rural South Carolina. Leaning tobacco barns are all that remain of lucrative farm allotments gone up in smoke. Boarded up redbrick towns with rusted rails and broken-down cotton gins are silhouettes of another era. Clapboard general stores that provided families with all they needed are few and hard to find. This book of photos, poetry and song offers remarkable glimpses of fast-vanishing world. The haunting images and powerful verse featured are a unique celebration of The Unpainted South.



Songs of The Unpainted South

Mindy Burgin and Rut Leland

The Unpainted South is a collection of photography, poetry and songs created to preserve in art form the crumbling beauty of a unique region and fading culture. These songs tell stories, with a thread connecting the present to the dusty past…






Upheaval in Charleston

Earthquake and Murder on the Eve of Jim Crow

Susan Millar Williams and Stephen G. Hoffius

On August 31, 1886, a massive earthquake centered near Charleston sent shock waves as far north as Maine, down into Florida, and west to the Mississippi River. Weaving together the emotionally charged stories of Confederate veterans and former slaves, McClellanville resident Susan Millar Williams and Charlestonian Stephen G. Hoffius portray a South where whites and blacks struggled to determine how they would coexist a generation after the end of the Civil War.

This is also the story of Francis Warrington Dawson, a British expatriate drawn to the South by the romance of the Confederacy. As editor of Charleston’s News and Courier, Dawson walked a lonely and dangerous path, risking his life and reputation to find common ground between the races. Hailed as a hero in the aftermath of the earthquake, Dawson was denounced by white supremacists and murdered less than three years after the disaster. His killer was acquitted after a sensational trial that unmasked a Charleston underworld of decadence and corruption.



Common Insects & Spiders of the South Carolina Lowcountry

B. Merle Shepard, Ph.D., Edward G. Farnworth, Ph.D., Keith L. McCullough, M.S.

Common Insects and Spiders of the South Carolina Lowcountry is the first in a series of field guides about the exceptional biodiversity of the South Carolina Lowcountry. The Lowcountry’s warm, nearly sub-tropical climate, favorable temperatures and a long growing season provides an unusual variety of natural habitats (ecosystems) which support a rich assemblage of plant and animal life. This biological diversity is particularly apparent in the variety of plants, insects and birds found in this region.

Join authors Merle Shepard, Ed Farnworth and Keith McCullough as they present a review of the insects and spiders of the Lowcountry with stunning photography and facts about each species. Whether on a nature trail or in  your own backyard, you’ll find this field guide a valuable resource as you explore the rich biodiversity of the South Carolina Lowcountry.


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